Roopal Arora

Quora is a website where we can post any question and get real answers from people with there experience.It is a great way to build connection in your industry and create backlinks to improve your blog rankings.It is the perfect platform for becoming a thinker in your field.Create a Quora account and pick out writings that relate to your blog.Describe yourself in an effective way in Quora.Find a question that hasn’t been answered yet or has less replies.Answering to less known niche topics or new questions makes it easy to stand out.It has ability to communicate relevant solutions to real life problems.

Find questions with lot of upvotes.The upvotes show that the questions are seen a lot.If you find an interesting question that is related to you,use it as a source of motivation for your blog post.Write a quality article about it and offer your answer in Quora with your blog link included in it.

After you have answered the question,list the url of a relevant post on your blog as source for your answer.Create a Quora blog.Quora blog reaches many people.It connects people,it brings together people with different perspectives so they understand each other better.You could write a question and answer it.Start a blog and post it.Select a topic to write about.Identify your target audience.Research about your blog.Start with something that is easy to engage with.It empowers everyone to share their knowledge for interest and benefit of others.

Importance of Quora

Quora is a known platform for asking and answering questions.Create topics that interest and stimulate you.Make it a perfect learning site.Add answers to your questions.It is an engaging site that gives you answers and allows you to answer questions for others in things you are perfect about.It is one of the best platform for bloggers to get started in writing.

It helps to drive traffic to your blog and get target audience.You must have knowledge about new and different things that you experience in life.Connect your other social channels to Quora.Find few niche topics.Engage in Quora discussions.It is a source of knowledge and learning.Just do a lot of different things,find out what you love.

How to use backlinks

Backlinks are links from a page on one website to another.If someone links to your site,then you have a backlink from them.Backlinks to your website are an indication to search engines that others support your content.Find out which blog article would be most effective,based on your answer.Copy the link to that blog article.Go to your Quora answer.Focus the part you want to link.Build the hyperlink by clicking in the upper right corner of the answer edit pane.Guest posting is a perfect way to get backlinks for your website.Many websites offer a contributor account where anyone can write an article and get featured on there site.

It is perfect for backlinks as it helps drive targeted to your website and improves the backlink profile for your search engine.Find what people are linking to.Find out who’s linking.Find out why people are linking.Pages with a high number of backlinks tend to have high organic search engine rankings.Offer value to your content.Make your content purposeful.Collaborate with influencers.They are links from blogs and other online sources that are fitting to your content on a particular blog post.

How to earn money through your topic

You can earn money on Quora by sharing your content and experience with help of Quora Space Program and Quora Partner Program.You may get advertisements on your post based on traffic.Subscription is another way to earn money on Quora.You must write quality answers on this platform regularly.You can do affiliate marketing in Quora.You can link to affiliate websites that you own and you can promote affiliate products.

Another way to earn on Quora is to advertise your blog or website.A person on Quora can earn by creating a following for their Quora space,writing answers,asking questions.Select the niche you are perfect in.Write amazing content.Give value to your users.Do complete research about the topic.Take part in Quora space Question and Answers.Your content needs to be viewed by more than 100,000 times on the platform to get the invitation to join the program.When there are more views,you earn more money.

How to maintain your Quora profile

Quora is one of the biggest question and answer websites where visitors can gain quality insights,share there expertise and find valuable answers for any topic.Write a clear,concise profile and add links to your website,blog or published content.Edit the knows about section.Conduct keyword research.Search for topics using Quora’s search bar.Search for questions using Quora’s search bar.You will be able to see which registered users saw the post,as well as how they found it.

Views gives you clarity of how known your own posts are,as you can see all of this same information for your published content via new views page.Identify Quora topics with the biggest potential.You must hold high number of questions.You must hold high number of followers.You must have high number of edits.Your topic must have a dedicated Frequently Asked Question page.It is a perfect platform for content creators to share their knowledge,drive traffic to a website or blog,generate high quality leads.You have to answer questions in order to get leads.You must give value to your users.

Pros of using your topic

You could get a lot of information at one place instead of going through multiple searches and links.

It gives you answers and allows you to answer questions for others in subjects you are perfect about.

You can get and give information.

You can appreciate people and receive appreciation.

Find topics and people that interest and stimulate you.

It is a great learning experience.

Add answers to questions you know about.

We can learn how to answer a question skillfully.

We can learn to understand different questions.

It helps to drive traffic to your blog and get audience.

It enhances your knowledge and learning.

It connects people,it brings together people with different perspectives so they understand each other better.

It empowers everyone to share their knowledge for interest and benefit of others.

Learn from the best in the world.

Cons of using your topic

Information on Quora could lack validity.

Answers could be given from anyone.

You can’t be sure of people’s identity.

There are questions that are asked many times.

There are lot of advertisements in Quora.

Sometimes you just can’t figure out where to stop.